Azar's seriously injured, making Mbapi became Real Madrid this summer front line signings of the number one goal. According to the French Monte Carlo radio reported that Real Madrid's first two offers have been rejected by Monaco. Real Madrid is about to open a third offer, offer up to 135 million euros!
135 million euros! Real Madrid third offer Mbabei but he is not anxious transfer
Real Madrid's first offer for Mbabei was 100 million euros, but soon was rejected by Monaco. Real Madrid's second offer reached 115 million euros, buy fifa coins easy Monaco is still not selling Mbipei. Today, Real Madrid is ready to raise the offer to 135 million euros. For the 18-year-old New Henry, Real Madrid is willing to create a new record of football transfer fee history.
In order to raise enough transfer fee, Real Madrid plans to J Luo officially pushed to the transfer market, Real Madrid want to use J Luo for 70 million euros. After the Champions League to win, J Luo once Zidane ignored, this is considered his summer leave the card. Gryzman announced to stay at Atletico, lost the number one signings of Manchester United, may be re-interest in J Luo.
Real Madrid is very sincere to Mbabei, safest fifa 17 coins but the new Henry himself seems in no hurry to transfer. Monte Carlo radio revealed that Mbabe himself wanted to play at least once more in Monaco for a season. Next summer there will be a World Cup, Mbabe hope to continue in Monaco for a year, and on behalf of the French team to participate in the World Cup.