Of course, sometimes, Wei is too young to think about a person to solve the problem, but sometimes, the Thunder's teammates are not to force. The first game, Thunder two headed Oradi Bo 12 vote only 1, and today's game, he is only 14 of 14 cast. But Oradea has already said, "In the end, or to be confident, whether I have been 100 of 0 vote."

Harden was calmly resting for 5 minutes, when the rocket is still 99-98 lead; this time should be less rest Daniel Winnik Jersey, but because in the third quarter Dominik Uher Jersey, 15 points advantage reduced to 6 points, Wei less choice Played the fourth quarter. This season, Wei Shao never had a play to reach 40 minutes, this is the first time, he played 41 minutes and 22 seconds Chris Kunitz Jersey. This represents an attitude. If you think about it, the Thunder is losing from the first quarter of the fourth quarter Marc-Andre Fleury Jersey, they are not accustomed to see Wei in the field, know what to do: the ball to Wei less.

And the strongest players of the three weak teams are the letter of the Bucks, Jimmy - Butler Bulls and Russell - Westbrook's Thunder, their opponents with the score is 3-3. From these data, with the strongest players in the playoffs is no advantage in the playoffs.